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Our Story

In 2019, I was living alone and working long hours at a job I hated. All day long, I thought, 'I just want to go home,' but going home was somehow worse. The apartment was depressively empty and quiet. Eating dinner with Jim, Dwight, and Michael Scott most of the week made me want to pull my hair out. It was my first-ever grown-up apartment without roommates, and I was beginning to feel isolated and a little crazy. I desperately needed a pet to come home to at the end of the day but knew I wouldn’t be able to manage a dog on my own due to such long hours at work.


I had always loved the idea of Siamese cats. I thought they were beautiful and knew they are incredibly social, highly intelligent, and trainable. I liked the idea that I could train a cat, just like a dog. And so the search for my future fur baby began.

Fast forward a few of months to early November. My friends and I followed the epitome of a crazy cat lady I'd met on Craigslist up a dark, narrow flight of stairs at her Long Island apartment complex. As we reached the top, she whispered, "Shhh… I'm only allowed to have two!" She opened the door to about 27 Siamese cats and kittens of all ages – the overwhelming smell of cat litter and the sounds of mewing and jingle bells rolling across the hardwood floor filled the air. Tiny balls of fur climbed the side of the couch, jumped into laundry bins, and chased each other around the room while mamma cats bathed in the sunlight spilling through the window. The kittens I was there to meet were all named after musicians. Diana Ross, curled up on the edge of the couch for a nap, peaked one eye open at me and went back to sleep, Ringo flipped a shoe box over himself in the center of the living room while Prince scurried down the hallway after a toy. Elvis hid quietly under a chair in the kitchen, weary of strangers. 

That one, I thought, watching Elvis, that's my baby. I stepped into the kitchen and carefully scooped him up out of his corner hiding spot. He mewed, nervous to get back to his comfort zone. "I want this one," I said, holding the tiny, shy, introverted, anxious kitten-version of myself close to my heart. I had found my twin flame. 


Gone are the days of coming home from work to a dead apartment. Scout (formally known as Elvis) runs to greet me at the door as I arrive. He rolls over to let me pet his belly before we play fetch or any other game (he is very much like a dog), and he constantly wants to be held and cuddled. I've loved him since day one. 

Throughout the years, Scout has helped me through anxiety and depression. If I have a panic attack he runs to me, crawls onto my lap or into my arms, and won’t leave my side until I’m calm. There have been times I’ve been too depressed to get out of bed, and every time he lies on top of me like a tiny weighted blanket until I’m ready to get up. He understands me – he struggles with these things too. I’ve seen Scout have panic attacks too – just like a human, hyperventilating and all. I’ve seen him through depression, and been on the receiving end of his aggressive outbursts. In those times, I’ve tried to comfort him as well as he’s comforted me.

IMG_0980 2.jpg

As I’ve worked hard to improve my mental health, I’ve worked equally as hard to do everything I can to improve Scout’s. I’ve researched and tested countless products, taught him to channel negative emotions into healthier outlets, found the right tools to enable him to communicate his thoughts and feelings, pushed him to become more confident so he can enjoy the world outside his comfort zone, and watched him become his happiest, healthiest self. 

Scout and I want to help other humans and kitties live their best lives together too, so we've decided to share our stories. Follow our journey to learn how to build a stronger bond with your fur baby and give them their best life.

- Mandy & Scout

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